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  • Maria A. Palace


April 9, 2021

In my novel, Chapter Thirteen, while Katy tries to cope with her mother's untimely death, she reflects upon the happy times the two of them shared while she was growing up. She remembered her mother as being a happy-go-lucky person who appreciated everything in life. Her mother would carry a camera with her everywhere she went so she could "capture the moment." She was constantly reminding her daughter to be aware of all the beauty found in everyday life. She explained that it could be in the form of a brilliant rainbow after a storm, a shimmering lake at sunset, or even a tiny chipmunk sitting on a fallen branch nibbling on an acorn.

Katy's mother appreciated all that the world had to offer, and even though her life was cut short, she still had experienced a full life because she took nothing for granted.

During these difficult times in which COVID has affected millions of people in one way or another, it's especially important for each and every one of us to pause and take time out of our daily routine to appreciate what we do have and to trust that there will be a rainbow after the storm.

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